Kumusta / Hello

Sooo, there’s something you should probably know about me. I faked my way through pre-school, kindergarten and part of first grade. Little did I know that this experience would lay the groundwork for my design career and is the root of my high tolerance for ambiguity.


I was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when I was little. I didn’t speak English. I wasn’t much of a talker to begin with, so not knowing the language of the country I just immigrated to didn’t exactly encourage me to develop into a social butterfly.

It did, however, make me a better listener and observer. Because I literally had no means of verbal communication with the other kids or teachers, the only real way I was able to connect with people was through visual communication and play—and snacks.


I eventually learned English; moved around a bit more; and picked up a design degree and an MBA. Although I did find my voice along the way, at heart, I’m still the quiet kid in the room who prefers to listen and observe people, places and things—an INFJ through and through. And I still love snacks 🍪

Maraming salamat / Many thanks